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Houston Business Phone Systems

Houston Business Phone Systems

For over 15 years, Houston Business Phone Systems has been providing high-quality service for Houston Business Phone Systems. Our firm deploys many crews of expert telephone system technicians every day throughout the Greater Houston TX and surrounding areas.

We are a trustworthy and reliable vendor of Houston phone systems programming, repair, and service.

Our PBX installation and programming specialties include:

Digital and key office phone systems continue to be common fixtures in today’s business offices. Various solutions offered by major manufacturers like Avaya, Grandstream, NEC, 3cx, Panasonic, Allworx, FreePBX, Hosted IP PBX, Toshiba, Samsung, Nortel networks offer maximum cost effective ness and efficiency for commercial clients. VoIP telephone systems of today have become sturdier than ever, thanks to unified message systems and advances in voice mail technologies.

We also offer VoIP, a relatively novel development in the arena of Houston  Business Phone SystemsVoIP phone systems enable companies to do several additional things. The capability to connect offices in multiple sites is a major example. VoIP IP PBXs at various locations are able to “talk” to each other via an Internet Protocol tunnel. This allows multiple sites to be seamlessly integrated into existing telecommunications architecture – despite their physical distance from each other. Moreover, there are absolutely NO additional toll costs, and an almost infinite number of sites may be added. If desired, several offices may share a single voicemail system and your company may have extension-based dial-out across all of your offices. VoIP business telephone systems undoubtedly represent the future wave of business phone systems in Houston TX and elsewhere

For hotels that need an all in one solution that you can integrate with your PMS system in addition to wake up calls, track calls for billing, room service, cleaning room alerts go no further. Our InnKeeper Plus solution is second to none when it comes to servicing hoterl phone systems.

If your company requires a call center, you should be especially careful that it is set up properly the first time around. As a call center is also the “nerve center” of any company that has one, downtime is totally unacceptable. We provide solutions that are included in the 3cx, FreePBX, NEC, Panasonic, Avaya application modules in addition to stand-alone call center solutions. We have established advanced business call centers throughout the entire Greater Houston area for many larger clients. We also have vast expertise and experience with call centers of all sizes. It is sometimes crucial to record a single phone call or every telephone call. Therefore, our clients are quite fortunate to have the benefit of our expert-level call logging and call recording device executions. Our inventory includes units that are capable of recording one phone call at a desk or as many as 128 simultaneous phone calls. These devices work via a server hard drive, writing to cassette tapes, or multiple internal hard disks that operate alongside extremely advance software applications that search and sort telephone call records. We are able to connect such devices to ALL call centers and/or Houston Business Phone Systems

PBX Systems

 There are a number of solutions out there to help ease the transition, such as an analog gateway delivered by Houston Business Phone Systems, which uses a company’s exiting digital or legacy PBX system and wiring to deliver the features and benefits of IP telephony the company wants. With Houston Business Phone Systems.

Migration Gateway , a company can seamlessly migrate to an IP system, regardless of whether it is migrating to a cloud-based, hosted PBX or is using its own premises-based IP-PBX. 

As stated above, what makes the Migration Gateway from Aasani unique is its ability to reuse a company’s existing phone lines, equipment and infrastructure. Additionally, Houston Business Phone Systems will provide the company with training so that employees can learn quickly and effectively how to use all of the new features that come with an IP Voice solution.

Being in the telephone business for over 10 years, the most important factors are:

  • Easy to Use pbx
  • Easy to learn pbx
  • Easy to service ( if ever needed)
  • Reliability
  • Operates without failur

Houston Business Phone Systems works with businesses of all sizes around the country to provide reliable, affordable VoIP telephone system solutions.